Happy Birthday FTMO2419

Hey there people…..Clearly Vanessa and i Have been MIA…for one reason or the other. But now I’m back (she’s still busy with school). But till then I’m back. This semester went WELL =) Thank God for getting through it without pulling my hair out.

Summer is HERE!!!!! *sigh* I can tell this summer is going ot be fun. My cousin Fey is moving to ATL and my older brother Dee is also coming for the summer and its just FUN whenever he’s around. BTW his team won the Championship league in Sweden so proud of them ‘Congratulations’ boys!!!!!

As you can see from the title *insert smile here* my blog is 1!!! My baby is growing….slowly but surely. Doesn’t feel like it’s been a year, but either way I’m happy we are both still here.

Good luck to all my cupcakes who are still in school and taking finals…and Congrats to all the class of 2010….you guys made IT!!! (whatever IT is ). Hope you know what you are doing after Graduating…if not better be ready to answer that question….because it’s coming =)

Any darlings I’m off now…need to finish rolling my short hair (love it btw)

Smooches and Licks




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