Wavyness, Tipsy, Wasted….

*FRESHER FRESHER FRESHER FRESHER*… That chant is to ‘egg’ you on into downing the cheap alcohol a friend thinks its cool to shove down your throat *peer pressure much* lol (i am probably the only person who still does the chant *teehee*). On a serious note, went out last night and got quite wavy, and it got me thinking; when is it cool to get wasted? should a guy/girl in a relationship get wasted? when are you too old to get wasted?.

I won’t class myself as an alcoholic but I do over indulge my self in some occasions. I have  quite an out there personality, so Alcohol kind of just enhances it.

Alcohol can ruin relationships though.. I have a friend who’s girlfriend got very wasted and slept with someone else. He asked me for advice on whether he should forgive her cause she was drunk. I have been so drunk that I have forgotten what happened the night before (nothing cool about that), so i could relate to her. BUT should she really get that drunk when her bf isn’t there? where were her friends to slap the crazyness out of her and put her to bed?.. The relationship didn’t last after that. So sad, it could have easily been avoided. These stories are very common; why is it girls that are always paralytic?. I am not one to man bash, but somebody has to be the more sober one and in this case it is mostly the guy. There is nothing cool about taking a drunk girl home, how insecure can you be to do that? A girl needs to be wasted to get with you *gastt think about your life*

The guys who are goin home with *p*,does the *p* really want to go home with you ?or does her imaginary friend for the night Jack Daniels thinks its cool? personally i have never had a one night stand *nothingsexyaboutthat*. I can’t imagine waking up to someone I don’t know  +++ AIDS IS REAL lol.

Thinking about it..you can’t really grow out of getting wasted… Call me old fashoined but i dont hink married women should get wasted *tipsy* but not wasted.. its so uncouth. Married men on the other hand could be more acceptable especially if they are the bread winner (lol)… maybe on a night out with their boys.. BUT I dont want *story* later… “oh darling I was so drunk, I don’t remember her name, she fell into my lap”.. Bull crap if you want strip club we will have one in our basement one client one stripper  *GAST*.. so there is no excuse. However, I am planning  for it to be 60/40 *BGG* in my marriage/relationship .. So i am not totally dependent on him. But for his ego I would prefer he made more than me. ok nim going into marriage now.. that is for another day.


^^^^ From our photoshoot yesterday *gastt keep the transatlantic love alive =)

///Random/// Last night this guy took my drink off the table and i saw him walking away and when i asked him “he was like i will get you another one”  is he mad?? y take it in the first place *madness*

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Vania_Gina xxx


One thought on “Wavyness, Tipsy, Wasted….

  1. U raise a really great point about guys being insecure if a babe has to be wasted to get with them. And if anything, THT should be the thing tht guys grow out of, rather than the alcohol. Cos alcohol never gets old.
    I really like your point of view though. Stumbled across your blog and I like it a lot. Good job and keep it coming! 🙂

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