What it do baby boo ?=)

Watching SATC all over again for the umpteenth time. Right now I’m on the episode where Carrie is searching for ” a hidden iceberg”  in her relationship with Aidan. How sad is it when things are going so well we (women) always jump to the conclusion that there has to be something wrong. Why can we just be happy and live through the moment?. Ok, no one likes getting hurt but isn’t that what life is all about?, Living through the  uncertainty  as best we can?. I am no better ,  the word pessimist was made to describe  me.  This doesn’t mean I think its okay, I wish I could live through the moment without second guessing, kind of working on that.

***Random thought—How about if Big was the wrong choice.  He is the bad guy  isn’t  he? Aidan’s love never  faltered. //Something to think  about//Vania_Gina xxx


2 thoughts on “What it do baby boo ?=)

  1. A wise woman once told me.. If you go diggin for info u will find it. if your relationship is great just enjoy it cause you will always find something you don’t like if you go looking for it.

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