What Do You Call This?

How is it possible for ONE person to make you go through so many different emotions? Shit is crazy.
I’m just going to go right into it….i don’t like emotions. I don’t like talking about it (although I do), feeling it, needing it, hearing about it etc. For the past week or so I haven’t been myself at all and I hate to admit that it’s because of my damn emotions..they are trying to get the best of me but i will NOT allow it. I’m just in one of those ” I don’t care about anything around me” moods. Maybe that’s just my selfish side coming out a little bit and to be honest I could care less.
Lately I’ve been angry, jealous, irritated, upset, happy about the opposite sex. Yeah…i said it. Guys have too many issues for me to deal with, and I’m sorry i am way too small to carry all that load on my poor back. I hate it when I’m trying to help someone and they shut me out completely, I do understand that people need space and what not but don’t make me feel useless while you are at it.
My friend and I have been having awkward moments lately and I know it’s not all about me but common buddy I was just trying to help.

Ok so this post was meant to be sent out Yesterday…this goes to show that clearly I have a lot on my mind and I can’t seem to get my thoughts together…Just wanted you all to know how I think.
Smooches n Licks!


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