Spring Break

Hello my Sugar Lumps. How are you all doing?
*sigh* so as you can see the title of this post is ‘Spring Break” and yes I am officially (well after my 3 classes in the am) on my break now. Gonna spend it faffing around with a very special friend of mine…should be fun!
Meanwhile it’s 1:45am not exactly sure WHY I’m still up seeing as I am sooooooo tired, my eyelids are begging me but something in me isn’t exactly ready to call it a night..hmmph! I was just going through Snow (my laptop), going through meaning I was looking at my pictures, notes, personal blogs and……*wait for it*……VIDEOS.
Guys, when I tell you I’m a weird child, best believe I mean it. LOL. There’s this ‘vlog’ that I did ages ago and I just had to come here and share it with you guys seeing as it was MADE for you all anyways. I guess I just didn’t have the guts to put it up…*Kanye shrug* well here it is =D. Enjoy and be safe
PS- *whispering it’s 1:55am now and I’m STILL trying to upload this vlog *sigh*



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