I’m Addicted!

Hey beautiful people.
So honestly I am extremely bored in my Sociology class. All my Prof ever talks about it sex this sex that, it’s kind of getting annoying in my opinion. I guess that’s only because she’s OLD and she’s a feminist. (her ex husband must have done something terribly wrong that screwed her up).
Anyways I’d like t admit something to you all. I’m addicted to……..MY BLACKBERRY and (i know there’s more) …I’m addicted to TWITTER. *covers face* It’s so sad. On of my teachers emailed me the other day telling me about how she respects me and I’m a good student and all but i need to start putting my phone in my bag when I’m in her class. She also went on to say how I’m always on my phone doing one thing or the other. I felt bad because I like her, she’s cool people’s but I mean coooomon Mrs Merlin, it’s my BLACKBERRY. i NEED my baby with me 24/7.
Sheesh some people are so clingy. She wants all my attention *flicks hair*….Now twitter is a different thing on it’s own. I wake up in the morning and the after checking my Bb i open Snow (my laptop) and go straight to Tweetdeck (go download it if you don’t have it, you won’t regret it). I check if anyone has mentioned me while I was sleeping and all that good stuff.
***God please forgive me for not Praying first I’m working on my addiction***
So yeah *phew* felt so good to let that out. I feel like a new person. If you have any addictions and i mean ANY.. I’m ALWAYS here for you my darling =)
email me and what not fromthemindsof2419@gmail.com
Love Ya



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