That Time of The Year Again!

Hey beautiful people so each year as Feb 10th roles by I cry…only because I miss my brother Derrick. This year I’m not as emotional as I usually am, nor do I feel angry or upset, which is a good thing. I know my brother is in a better place and all that good stuff. He’s safe where he is =)
Meanwhile it’s also Daddy’s Birthday. I love that man so much. The things he does for me and says to me, help me be a better person! Love You Daddy!!!!
Ok soooooooooo my wknd was AH-MAY-ZING….was with T =). We chilled, had fun, went to the movies you know all that good stuff. Dude is pretty awesome….
Don’t have much to say! But if you are reading this I LOVE YOU….
and HEY YOU (thats for James- my new readerrrrrr)


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