Wow…it’s Feb 2010 ALREADY???

Hello beautiful people.
I honestly don’t think i have a legit excuse as to why i haven’t been blogging. It’s just SAD =( (forgive me all).
So YES it’s already February…i swear time flies when your having fun right? The main reason I’m having fun is because of this new ‘love interest’ I have. Ok I know how that may sound, I’m NOT in love with him..I’m just really fond of him, I enjoy his company whether over the phone, skype, bbm, even when we are tweeting…(I NEVER mention him though but he knows I’m talking about him). He’s just fun in general.
Alrighty enough about him. February is a pretty important month to me for  various reasons, jsut to name a few though we have:
a) Daddy’s Birthday =)
b) Derrick (that’s all i’ll say)
c) Valentine’s Day *yuck* (I’m just hating really)
d) Black History Month
I mean even with all these events, doesn’t mean I’m going to be busy so it’s all good! Now i know a lot of folks who are looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Lol the thought a lone makes me *cringe* I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a significant other but the thought of Love + Sayo ….it just seems funny. Best believe I can like someone a lot and yes possibly love him, but I don’t think I’ll be myself….I’ll be too mushy and that’s something I really don’t like. Th e fact that people change when they are in love..I mean WHY and HOW does that even happen? Yes your ‘lover’ should be able to make you a better person but when people turn GAY because they are in a relationship i cringe lol…*sigh* the topic of Love and I will never understand each other.
There is this one particular issue I have though. So my ‘love interest” (lets call him….T) is pretty cool and all, has his head screwed on tight, knows where he wants to be within the next 5years and how he wants to get there…all this is fabulous to me, I mean who doesn’t want someone who knows where they are going right?…Now the ONLY thing I find hard to believe is the fact that he says he’s NOT into relationships! Lol when he first told me I thought he’d get over it…ERROR. Dude meant it! Honestly on my part I’m not sure what I want right now, but I do know that I would possibly want something in the future. Future being the next few months or so. Ok as much as I sound like a hater for ‘love’ and ‘mushy-ness’ and all that, I’m not ruling it out of my life completely. And I’d so happy if he wouldn’t either.
Look maybe I’m being selfish and all. For all I know T could have been hurt in the past several times and maybe he’s just scarred or something. *Kanye shrug*. It’s all good…..FOR NOW. We’ll just see where it goes from here…one step at a time right?
Well I’m off now…I have this NEW addiction. His name is Jack Bauer =) gonna go play with him now for …the next 3hours or so till my next class!


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