I’m Back!!!!!!

1st of all Thank u God for a safe trip to and from Nigeria =) 2ndly HAPPY NEW YEAR people! AND my birthday has come…n gone =( but im 21 now so YAY!
2010 has been good so far, i know we are only 16days into the new year but still there’s so much to be thankful about. I thank God for my family and the great friends i have and the little things around that i seem to take advantage of lately…with the whole earthquake tragedy that went down in Haiti i’m trying to be in a better mood about life in general. Tomorrow isn’t promised so do/say all of what u can TODAY! Don’t wait for anybody because they sure aint waiting for you. Ok I’m done with that.
I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms now that I’m back in Ga.  All my family members apart from Shane are in Lagos, and now that Bex has moved back it’s gonna be worse for me. Only good thing is that i still have Shane here, my peoples in MD and TB. But all jokes apart im so DONE with America. This place is not for me, I’m tired really..of the stress, school, weather, hustle…EVERYTHING!
Remember in one of my older posts when i  mentioned how emotional i usually got around Feb and Nov…well this year i think Feb will be a happy month for me =) *insert cheeky smile* NO it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day for all you lovers who think i’ve found my Mr Right…*yuck* that one lives in another COUNTRY….*go figure suckers* anyhu Nigeria was amazing, i don’t think i explain how much fun i had. I was with the fam, friends, made a few new friends i’d say…went to the beach, hung out and ALL that good stuff!
#randomthought: but it’s good to have that ONE person who you know you feel safe with…u guys have a mutual understanding so no matter what people on the ‘outside world’ think its all good between you two! (Love it).
I’m back in school now and im dreading it, i swear school can be so long sometimes but hey without it there’s no guap (in my opinion) so it’s a must..On a brighter note…the boys (bball team) are doing so good. We’ve had 8 wins in a row and they’ve been pretty excited about it so im happy for them all! ..Sheesh it feels so good to be back…blogging that is!!! Will update again tomorrow and show you guys some pics and what not just so you get a little feel of how fab my holiday was *sticking tongue out*
Ok peoples, I don’t know WHAT i did today BUT I’m extremely tired and its only 9:50…FML im not getting lazy….or old…am i *cringe*
Love you ALL long time..oh and shout out to #1 aka Puddin it’s his Birthday today…Hope you had a great day babe and may God continue to grant you your hearts desires =) Love you x
SnL (new trademark, of course you all know it means Smooches n Licks)


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