Hello my darlings,
Ok for those of you who may have noticed, I’m SORRY I haven’t posted a new blog in a while. Been uber busy with school and other stuff, I start finals next week so it’s not going to get any better =(
BUT how have you all been doing? Good I hope!! Men i just LOVE this time of the year because I get to go to the Motherland (Nigeria) and be with fam =) *pure bliss*.
For those of you who may not be going back to Nigeria, i hope you have a wonderful time wherever you spend your Christmas holiday!
Although I’ve been busy with school and what not, I’ve also been a little distracted *wink* but sad thing is, I can’t really tell you guys about it yet! I know I mentioned that i had a project I was working on…(wait DID I mention it? If not…here I am…mention-ning it =D ) but yeah it’s a work in progress and I will be sure to tell you all about it when I’ve reached my goal!
So yeah…..um….my BIRTHDAY is fast approaching people and i have NOTHING planned (smh)! It’s the big 2-1 and the pressure is ON…..everybody and their Grandma keep asking me what I am doing for it but to be honest I don’t know!
Oh well I’ll figure it all out when I get to the Motherland.
Will be back soon my loves!
Meanwhile shoutout to my boo @Tkoftnt (follow him people) and go check out TnT’s song Gidi Boy Swag http://www.tntmusiconline.com they are FIRE!!!!!!
Smooches and Licks!


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