Hello my Blovers (Bloggers/Lovers…get it),
It’s Wednesday Morning and i feel GREAT Tony the Tiger =D. Haven’t posted anything in a minute and so i thought ” Hmm why not?”
Anyways, my reality just set in! Was tweeting with my boo Halima (follow her @limlim2cute) and i realized today was the 18th!!!!! How can? I swear yday was the 3rd or something? Time flies men. That definitely means EXAMS are around the corner knocking on my door *C-R-I-N-G-E*
Only good thing about that Christmas Holidays are down the street! (hehe get it..around the corner…down the street???)
I don’t have much to say, BUT i do want to say THANK YOU FATHER! I woke so happy and excited….Mi Madre is in Jerusalem with my Aunt and they seem to be having a blast. Dad is doing well =)..The Brother (Shane) is off work today I’m sure he’s loving that, Dami and Dee are both good…all that = A Very Happy Sayo =)

But im going to get ready to START my day now. Somehow i wish there was a ‘Start Day’ button i could just push!
Smooches and Licks


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