Live.Love.Laugh Before It’s too Late!

Hello my Darlings,
How did everyone’s weekend turn out? Well i hope! *sigh* I stayed home for the most part watching TV, dancing, and catching up on my music game and what
not .
This post is very important to me because it’s about my eldest brother Seun who passed away 5 years ago. About 10 minutes ago, i got off the phone with my Brother Shane (Hey bruv i miss you), and my sweet Mother (yes..I’m a ‘mama’s girl). I couldn’t stop crying and thinking about him while my Mum was trying to calm me down, and thank God she did but now i have a splitting headache which doesn’t feel very sexy.
No one knows this but I’ve been thinking about him for about 3 weeks now, just wondering what life would be like today if he was still around,I know for a fact he and I would still be cool, we’d probably be talking about Chris Brown’s new video and how sick it is or something along those lines and obviously Shane would still be the big bully *sticks tongue out*. Seun’s birthday is coming up (Nov. 3rd) he would have been 29 years old *sniff* that’s old man and thinking about it makes me feel old too..*sigh* (my birthday countdown has begun btw 65days left).
I thank God for everything he’s done in my life, there were some days when i just felt like giving up, but I didn’t for one reason or the other. Honestly it was because of Suen that Shane and I have the type of friendship we do today.
December 2003 in Lagos (can’t wait to go back), I remember there was no light lol, we were the only ones at home (even Baba went out -the gate-man/security -whatever you want to call him , the guy is MAD cool that’s for sure). Obviously neither of us knew how to turn the generator on so we decided to sit in the dark and talk, which turned out to be GREAT. We spoke about everything you can possibly imagine, from school,friends, boys, parties, sports, music, family etc. While we were on the topic of family, my other brother Shane’s name came up, and Seun asked why Shane and i never got along. I don’t think it was anything personal…that’s just how it is! I mean think about it, if you don’t have the whole ‘sibling rivalry’ thing going on in your household i don’t think you had a normal childhood (lol sorry but its true) UNLESS your siblings are WAY older than you. Shane and i are just 5years apart, he’s a boy, I’m a girl (well I was a tomboy) so i thought I could do the same things he did but he thought otherwise and would literally beat me up JUST BECAUSE, and like I said..I was a tomboy so you know I definitely wasn’t having it either. ANYWAYS..Seun pretty much told me be nicer to Shane and made it seem as though I was the better sibling and blah blah blah and VOILA!!! Nobody can tell me NOTHING (Kanye Voice) I LOVE my brother Shane so much, there’s nothing he won’t do for me and vice versa!
Don’t take the people in your life for granted: everyone is in your life for a REASON. Love you all!!!!

Smooches and Licks


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