Why are we SO into Social Networking sites?

Before i start i do want to say a huge THANK YOU to my two followers (CharlieCran and Jen- you guys are awesome) AND to my readers..im so glad you guys like the blog so far, i appreciate the LOVE..i hope this blog entertains you during your lectures (Dabz), study breaks, trips etc.. Licksssssss to u ALL =).
Ok so I’m sure everyone is pretty familiar with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and many other social networking sites. I must say I do love the idea of all these sites because it’s an easier way to keep in touch with friends and family who may be in other parts of the world. I’m a member of both Twitter and Facebook. I LOVE Twitter but tolerate Facebook, lol ok let me not lie I did have my obsession with Facebook in the past and before that it was Hi5… now who remembers Hi5??? Lol this was THE best social website when I was in High School. Seems like the more testimonials you had on your page the ‘cooler’ you were… *sigh* gone are the days where people begged each other to write testimonials and all that good stuff. Soon after High School Hi5 was getting old and people were looking for the next best thing…and thankfully that’s when Facebook was introduced to a lot of us. Now this social site was wayyy cooler than Hi5 because initially it was meant for ‘ College/Uni students’ and it made us feel as though we were ‘THE SHIT’ seeing as we just got out of high school and the whole ‘senior vs juvee’ situation was still very serious, UNTIL those in high school found their way in..but like i said ‘Gone are the days’. Plus Facebook was just a big upgrade, you were able to ‘find’ people that you hadn’t seen or heard from in YEARS so for the most part it was very very interesting. Then came the different applications and profile changes which was fun for some people but not all. Then I heard about Twitter. *pure bliss* I love these sites and would like to find out what they are about from personal experience rather than what somebody else told me about it.
**I love taking risks…”If you have the opportunity to do something that isn’t going against your beliefs, make the most of it and enjoy it” – LexiBanks =) **
So I joined Twitter back in April I believe, initially because I heard a lot of celebrities tweeted and I kind of wanted to know (stalk) The Kardashian sisters because I just think they are disgusting (fierce). But then a lot of my friends started joining which was just great because at least I could tweet people I actually knew lol. I’ve loved Twitter ever since and because of that it makes me want to get rid of my Facebook- only reason it’s still active is because a lot of my ‘friends’ don’t know anything about twitter and I just like to look at albums anyway-
Here’s a little clip for all my Tweeples, my friend Tayo sent it to me…( Hi Sophie..heheh)

TWITTER ROCKS! lol…and i honestly do get depressed when my ubertwitter or tweetdeck is down or even Twitter itself…*sigh* whenever that happens im FORCED to get on Facebook *yuck*

Hope you guys have a great weekend, and to those who are going to Halloween Parties and all, ENJOY!

Smooches and Licks


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