Love the Skin You’re in =)..i know i DO!!!

Hey everyone how did your weekend turn out? Hopefully it was better than mine. Didn’t do much at all, although I did come across an arrogant little fellow and this is how it happened…. This past weekend was Spelhouse Homecoming(Spelman and Morehouse College), my room mate told me about the various events they had going on and invited me to go with her so i did. Honestly its not my scene and i would have had more fun elsewhere but i went just so i could get out the house. As we were walking to go meet up with some friends, a group of guys walk by and one of them said towards our direction…”You cute, but you too dark skinned”…mind you he was ‘light skinned’ not mixed race or anything. I didn’t respond to him because i was wayyyy to shocked to even think plus he can’t even speak well, i mean what is ” YOU TOO CUTE?” hissss
This little incident was on my mind for a bit and maybe it’s just me but i just can’t seem to find a solution as to why he would even open his mouth to say such!!
Personally i LOVE my complexion and think its gorgeous, i think I’m a pretty girl and i thank God for the body and skin he put me in =)
Ladies just love yourselves no matter what people may have said to you or what you’ve heard. Be comfortable in your skin and LIVE.LAUGH&LOVE.
Happy Monday

Smooches and Licks


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