Let’s Start Over…

Back in May i started this blog and thought i was going to update at LEAST every other day if not more. Obviously that didn’t work out as well as i had planned. So i have decided to start over.
So about ME..The name is Sayo aka Lexi Banks, live in the States and have been here for about 5years now. Grew up in London and went to Secondary school in Nigeria (loved EVERY part of it if i may add). Met some of the best people while i was there, and I’m happy to call them ‘friends’.Speaking of friends, there’s this one particular friend of mine who REALLY encouraged me to write again…he’s my ex-boyfriend known him for THE longest time and we still have a great friendship. But anyways, while he and i were talking, i told him about how much i missed writing and blogging..long story short he told me to stop procrastinating and start writing again which is another main reason why you are reading this today.
Lately been reading a lot of blogs from friends blogs to ‘fashion’ blogs and i was inspired to start writing again. Honestly, you never know anyone’s story and i find blogging peaceful and warming to the heart.
Also about a week ago while i was on twitter **follow me btw http://www.twitter.com/LexiBanks ** i had tweeted about how i was shy and i wanted to just ‘do things without being shy’ and my friend Ore **follow her too http://www.twitter.com/OreRuns ** said to me and i quote..
Whatever it is just do it!!!! Let go of the shyness, live for the moment 🙂
and immediately i thought about blogging so here i am =).

Smooches and Licks!


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